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Still life. Watercolor on paper, signed and dated 1912 lower left 7 x 11". Enclosed: Certificate of authenticity by Antique Consulting Group, 1996, and confirmation by GTG, Moscow #584

Moscow Cathedral at Sunset. Gouache on paper, signed and dated [19]26 low right. 16x21” (41x54cm).

Still life with poppies and lemons. Oil/canvas, signed upper left. [1912-1913]. 24x17” Compare: similar still life with the same objects (same vases with same poppies and fruits, lemons) in “MASHKOV Ilya.” Text by I. Bolotin. “Sovetskij Hudojnik”, Moscow, 1977, ill 26. [“…Here fauvistically risen strength of colors is gaining especially intensive fruitiness. A viewer collides here not so much with a real color of the nature, which depends on a source of a light and on a air environment, but with a color of an open paint, being put on a canvas surface. Just local brightness of the Maskov’s paint spots reminded to contemporaries paintings by Matisse, who also has been creating in these years vases and dishes with fruits and, as Mashkov did, has been seeking a distilled color influence. Nevertheless, opposite to Matisse, color tension has been attained by Mashkov with active pressure of his brush… Serov wrote to M. Morosov: ”Very not bad was our Moscow Matisse – Mashkov – seriously. His fruits are drawn very freshly and with sonority.”…” (G. Pospelov, The Knave of Diamonds, Moscow, Sovetskij Hudozhnik, 1990, p. 150-151)].

Self-portrait with a steamboat. c.1911. Gouache on paper, signed on reverse. 15 x 11". Provenance: MacDougalls auction, London, May 30 2020 lot 100. Variant in GTG, Moscow -reproduced in "Ilya Mashkov" by I. Bolotin. “Sovetskij Hudozhnik”, Moscow, 1977. In original art nouveau frame with a silk mat. [”…” Self-portrait with a steamboat” is a straight forwarded with buffooneries nuances demonstration of Mashkov adherence to a fair photography. Mashkov is drawing to the letter a created by himself decoration with water, a steamboat and a sailing boat. We can see that his sleeve fractured at the elbow is similar here to a samovar chimney or to a steamboat chimney, from where a smoke creasing under the wind is shown at the background of the painting…” (G. Pospelov, The Knave of Diamonds, Moscow, Sovetskij Hudozhnik, 1990, p. 148)].

Илья Машков родился в казацкой деревне Михайловская-на-Дону в 1881. Обучался в МУЖВЗ у К. Коровина и В. Серова (1900-1909). Член объединений «Бубновый валет» с 1910, «Мир искусства» с 1916, Организация Художников Москвы 1927-1928, АХРР с 1924. Испытал влияние П. Сезанна и кубизма. Писал натюрморты, пейзажи и портреты. Жил в Москве. В ноябре 2005 на аукционе Sotheby`s в Лондоне полотно Ильи Машкова "Натюрморт с цветами" поставил новый абсолютный рекорд цен на русскую живопись –продан за £2 млн, или $3,5 млн.
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